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A Simple Kiss - Synopsis

Written by Jay Muldoon Stetson & John Nickles

‘A Simple Kiss’ is the musical story of relationships featuring Joe, an emotionally confused and ostensibly

Heterosexual antihero who works in the overtly Homo sexual environment of the interior design industry selling furniture where he is routinely teased about being gay.

We meet Joe as he is on his first date with his soon-to-be wife, Mary. They fall in love and marry and as he becomes closer to his male co-worker, Mondy, he begins to question his relationship with Mary. After a night of drinking, Joe & Mondy kiss each other.

When Mary discovers this, she leaves Joe. Joe seeks the consolation of an attractive female co-worker, Veronica, who winds up offering him sexual favors, which he declines. He returns to Mondy to suggest they try to have a potential relationship, which Mondy declines. Mary returns with the ultimatum that Joe never see Mondy again and he acquiesces.

A Simple Kiss - The Songs

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